Vinyl Wrap


Benefits of vinyl wraps

  • Totally customizable look; whether it is accents, full colour change, livery, mobile advertisement
  • Wrap pretty much anything, from cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, buses, trucks, etc. Wrap can be applied not only to exterior, but interior as well
  • Cost for vinyl wrap is considerably less than a comparable paint job
  • Will not affect resell value of vehicle unlike paint jobs as wrap is completely removable
  • Paint protection, wraps will protect the vehicles factory paint work from scratches and scuffs.
  • Easily repairable, in the event a panel gets damaged, it is easy to reapply vinyl on that specific panel
  • No paint can mimic the endless styles of vinyl wraps
  • Get noticed! Mobile advertisement works wonders and for businesses it is low cost marketing that pays itself off with the mass amounts of commuters able to see your company.

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